The design makes use of an equivalent circuit representation of the whole array, rigorously taking into account slot mutual couplings by means of the active impedance concept. For a prescribed central frequency and scanning angle, the offsets and lengths of all slots of the array are computed with a fast optimization algorithm in such a way that the mutual coupling effects are automatically compensated to produce the desired slot excitations and the desired input impedances.                             

Design module main features are:

  • Rectangular waveguide, SIW and single-ridge waveguide technologies supported
  • Resonant and traveling-wave slotted waveguide arrays design is possible
  • Internal and external mutual coupling effects rigorously taken into account
  • Automatic compensation of higher-order mode coupling between inclined coupling slots and radiating slots
  • Wedge diffraction effects on mutual coupling are taken into account
  • Flared/baffled slotted waveguide array design and analysis is possible
  • The assumption of periodic boundary conditions is possible (the array is modeled as an infinite periodic structure)
  • Dielectric and metal losses considered
  • Slotted waveguide can be fed from one side or from the center
  • Subarray can be made of sub-subarrays with arbitrary number of slots
  • Optimization for a given scanning angle and central frequency
  • Tapered aperture excitations (Chebyshev, Taylor, etc.)
  • Shaped beam synthesis (arbitrary complex slot voltage distribution)
  • Slotted waveguide array layout can be exported in DXF format   

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