Supported Technologies

SWAN™ allows the design and analysis of slotted waveguide arrays based on the following technologies:

Rectangular Waveguide

Slotted waveguide arrays realized on rectangular waveguides are widely employed in all applications where high performance in terms of gain, side-lobe level, power handling, flat profile and mechanical robustness are required. This kind of antennas can typically be found in airborne as well as ground or maritime radar systems, though their use has been also extended to several terrestrial as well as satellite communication systems.

SIW (Substrate Integrated Waveguide)

The Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technology is an attractive approach for the design of high performance microwave and millimeter wave antennas and components, as it combines the advantages of planar technology, such as low fabrication costs, with the low loss and high power handling features typical of the waveguide solution. The SIW technology allows the design of compact, light weight and low profile devices fully integrated in the substrate, with the further advantage of being a hermetic solution, unaffected by unwanted external electromagnetic interactions.

Single-ridge Waveguide

A ridge loading an empty waveguide lowers its cutoff frequency and ensures a wider unimodal bandwidth. This features, together with its high power handling capability and low loss, make this technology appealing for high performance broadband microwave antennas, key components of any data-link and radar system. Single-ridge waveguide technology can be also effectively employed for the implementation of beam-steering flat plate antennas.

NOTE: All pictures are SWAN™ outputs.

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